Instead of bickering over anal intercourse, sworn depositions, how many tmes a day civil servants should pray, Bolehland’s politicians would be well advised to take immediate action to bolster an industry where Malaysians are getting shortchanged.

Wisdom of Whores authr Elizabeth Pisani is wondering why Malay girls are fetching such low prices and at the bottom of the ladder while Russian girls are so hot.

7 thoughts on “Why are Malay girls cheaper?

  1. I want to add that you can find/ rent an Indonesian girl in Menteng in downtown Jakarta for a mere 1,000Rupiah. That is US 10cents !!!! Don’t take my word for it. Just head down there and look around under the train tracks. The going rate for street Prostitutes downtown Jakarta is 20,000-100,000Rupiah. That is US$2-10 only.

    Why are they priced that way? Heaven only knows !!! Mainland China Girls are priced much higher. Sometimes commanding up till 6MILLION Rupiah and beyond for VIP’s

    BTW at least 15-25% of Sex Workers in Indonesia are HIV Positive. An the youngest street Prostitutes are only 12 years old. There are apparently at least 5 cartels working in Jakarta alone.


  2. I don’t know much of this trade, but of course anything to do with price is certainly related to demand and supply. When supply is abundance, of course the price drops.

    What do you think?


  3. i dont understand why chinese girls are so expensive,considering the cost of living is so low over there.if 6 million rupiah is charged in the west,we talking intelligent ,sophistication,etc,etc.pardon not meaning to demean others,but merely fact.


  4. i guess this pic was taken in Malaysia (KL or kuching or miri)
    of course imported girls more expensive than local girls and white girls….in asian market….ya jelas aja mahal……


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