Big Girls get it rough.


BBC NEWS | Business | M&S defends ‘tax on bigger bras’: “Marks & Spencer has defended a policy of charging extra on some of its bras that are bigger than a size DD.
The iconic High Street retailer said that the added cost – typically £2 – was ‘standard industry practice’.
The retailer said it found customers ‘were happy to pay a small premium for the specialist work’ needed to make larger sizes.
But the policy has drawn protests with 900 people joining a Busts 4 Justice protest group on the Facebook website.
Its founders argue it is unfair that smaller bras are cheaper, because this logic does not apply to other clothes.”

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8 thoughts on “It’s so taxing to be big

  1. But I thought the bigger it is the dearer it’s cost, isn’t that so what do you think. Probably in order to recoup extra cost thus extra charge of two pounds.

    Well, something people do things unreasonably.

    Cherio mate!.


  2. As a ‘big girl’ myself, I never go to M&S to get my bras. There is a brand here called etam, and they are the best so far. The prices are the same whether small or bigger.
    But it isn’t fair to charge bigger people more money for that particular item. But there are stores that charge more money for clothes (not undergarments) with bigger sizes. The logic is, more materials etc. Fair? I don’t know, but I do know that more materials mean more money, so it seems logical.


  3. It does, in fact, apply to almost all clothes. Go look at what clothes for the very fat cost. I think shoes are just about the only thing that isn’t more expensive at very large sizes.


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