Here’s an update about Indonesia’s waxing and waning English dailies.

The Globe – Still recruiting people but lots of people are geting paid for doing nothing because the launch of the paper is delayed till at least September. It was scheduled to hit the streets in August. Globians (Globbers?) blame the delay on the arrangements with the printer.

In the meantime the Point has stopped printing. Pontlesstians (Pointlets? Pointers?) say that they haven’t been working since March when money from the new investor, Renier Lateif dried up.

Renier was apparently persuaded to invest in The Point sometime early this year. Insurance agents should home in on the management team member of The Point for persuading Renier to invest because by then it was obvious that The Point was a pointless addition to the English language newspaper scene in Indonesia and woudl be a sinkhole with no bottom for any investment coming in.

But persuaded Renier was but no complete fool he, Renier told the  management that he would inject only a certain amount of money and if that dried up that was it. The Drought has since hit and Pontlessians are now  not working and are paid their arrears in installments.

One thought on “Diminishing Point, Delayed Globe

  1. Doubted some of your infos, most probably disguised as to look not legit.

    Globe is still recruiting, currently it seems to be training its new recruits, in a temporary office, while waiting for its new office to be completed.

    Globe big ambitions, is hopefully, would not be hampered by rising paper price.

    re: the point. indeed it seems hopeless.
    there has been talks of turning the english paper into a weekly tabloids, or even monthly. not known if it’d be still in english or in bahasa.

    also some of your infos regarding the point are blatantly incorrect (perhaps by design).

    such as the incorrect spelling of the point’s investor. and if you’re following the point, how could you not know that latief has been around since day one?
    foolish (or intentional) mistakes perhaps?

    to add fire to the fuel, recently, an insider informan said that there has been some big pay day for the point remaining ‘loyal’ employees.


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