Wah! Singapolean oso want to teach Indonesians Ingliss ah?

Unspun, who hates spam, was spammed today from a Singapore training outfit Fortress Intelligence. The spam, sent by one Hadijah Sahid offered an opportunity for me to “improve” my business English.

Ever one to seek improvement Unspun perused the spam but after reading the first two paragraphs decied that maybe Unspun should offer Hadijah and Fortress not only lessons to improve their Business English but also to acquire some Netiquette and to go easy on the chutzpah. Here’s the first two paragraphs of the offering. Read and know what audacity is all about:

Business English – Enhance Your Communication Skills in English, 11th-12th
September 2008,
9:00am – 5:00pm, Shangri-La Jakarta, Indonesia

This Business Communication training course enables you to develop
business communications that make your point quickly, clearly and
persuasively. You will learn how to structure your thoughts, analyse your
audience’s needs, develop key information and presents it at the right
level of details so that it get the results you hoped for.

This business communication course is highly practical and will give you
the opportunity to apply the techniques covered. It will also enables you
to develop and improve your communication skills so that ideas are
expressed clearly, concisely and effectively. The skills and techniques
learned can be applied to a wide range of business communications.

Published by unspun

An eternal student of persuasion, communication and crisis management skills, with a propensity to unspin spins

5 thoughts on “Wah! Singapolean oso want to teach Indonesians Ingliss ah?

  1. What an insult !! You thinking Indonesians donno how to speaking England-meh? Singlish is not dat diffelent flom speeking Manglish. Vely hae-lake lisening to dem dum-dum pleetending to komand a gooder England than Indonesians.

    Small red dot Company needs to exercise restraint. Shame-Shame, no manners…


  2. three slightly thought….
    1. ….just like teaching fish how to swim
    2. Maybe you should have a westerner nick name to put on your emails or business card or whatever …
    3. Maybe they should send the email to mee….



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