Bolehland does it again – with Inul this time

Unspun was in the gym working out this morning when one of the Indonesian TV station gossip shows

Too sexy for Malaysia
Too sexy for Malaysia

came on. It showed a distraught and tearful Inul shocked by the ban on her performance.

Unspun cringed when the other people working out there began commenting about Inul’s mistreatment. “Di ban i Johor?” asked a Bapak. “Oh mereka fanatik di sana ya?”

Good one Bolehlanders. Who the hell do Malaysia’s PAS and other self proclaimed champions of the Muslim faith think they are, trying to say what’s approved and appreciated by a very large portion of Indonesia, home to the world’s largest Muslim population?

clipped from

Dangdut singer Inul concert rejected by Islamic party in KL

Antara ,� Penang, Malaysia � | �Tue, 07/22/2008 6:33 PM� | �Headlines

The Kuala Lumpur Youth Council of the Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) on Tuesday rejected the upcoming concert of Indonesian dangdut singer Inul Daratista to be held at the Bukit Djalil stadium, Kuala Lumpur.
The refusal from the party’s youth council appeared following the local government ban against Inul’s concert in Johor Bahru earlier this month.
“We will file our rejection to the Kuala Lumpur government and the relevant ministry,” said Kamaruzaman, head of the party’s youth council. “Her ‘drilling’ dance is too erotic.”
Inul is expected to perform in the Bukit Djalil stadium on Sunday. The organizing committee said the concert had been approved by the local government.

The 25,000 tickets to Inul’s upcoming concert have reportedly sold out

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8 thoughts on “Bolehland does it again – with Inul this time

  1. ( Hey Congrats Unspun for your new layout. This looks much more friendly and hip. The older one was starting to look a little “Jurassic” )

    This is another one of those days, when you see people trying to play “God”. Anyone ever wondered why we are supposed to Procreate without Pleasure? This was actually a 13th Century Roman Catholic Decree.

    Hence, the name “Missionary Position”. To maximize the pleasure for the male, but not the female. A little sad isn’t it? However, on the same not, Female Circumcision is also designed to nullify the female sexual pleasure. The removal of the clitoris is equivalent to removing the penis. However, Male Circumcision heightens the sexual pleasure of the males.

    Attention all females of Indonesia, please get a small handheld mirror, and look at your Vaginas. Search for your Clitoris. If it’s not there, please make a police report. Someone has defiled your body. Probably shortly after birth, or when you were a young child. You are now incapable of “Clitoral Orgasms”. I do pity you.

    For those who do not know where to search, use this link for a comprehensive diagram:

    Women, I sincerely hope you have not been circumcised.


  2. Kudos to our moral police again.
    Who do they think they are passing judgment on what’s right and what’s not? I shudder to think what will happen if they run the federal government. Our country’s reputtion will be down the drain by then. As if it’s not bad enough now thanks antics of a certain “democratic reformer”


  3. Hahahaha …. you must be proud to be a Malaysian with all “jokes” in your country …

    Malaysia Boleh !!!


  4. This is why I will never ever want to vote for any party which insists on a particular religion. Being a woman is already hard enough in this patriachy world. Yet, being a muslim woman is even worst if u live in a society ruled by “God fearing” midgets who interpret the scriptures to suit their own ‘manly’ interest.
    I am not a fan of Inul yet I symphatize her.
    M wondering what will happen if Dewi Persik also plan to perform there?


  5. All the hypocritical mis-hype from the self-righteous Bolehlanders can be quite a pain. They are just bent on being self-destructive.:(


  6. Ntational security issue? Innul? If she is a national security issue, I will offer to embrace it with all my heart!


  7. hey….come on….Inul is just one preformer whom I shall say is very much admired in both nations..what’s wrong with her coming to give a live show of music?? After all she will be obliged to abide by all malaysian laws including dress codes and limitations to onstage showmanships. So…how “clean” is Malaysia anyway…?? Take a look into the handphones and its suprising that almost all hp owners have a video clip of “Malaysian girls” doing outstanding pornographic acts mind you…and those girls are locals of Peninsular Malaysia..hahahah..


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