Golkar seeking professional advertising help

Interesting that all MNC advertising firms except Group M have shied away from political campaigns. Wonder what’s Group M’s rationale?

Looks like we’ll be treated to slicker ad campaigns next year but will they make a lot o difference in the era of The Conversation?

The pertinent question here is whether any of the parties has a cogent, authentic and compelling point of view that informs their deeds and words?

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Golkar’s formal pitch includes 23 agencies

byAsiya Bakht
Media Asia
23-Jul-08, 09:50

JAKARTA – In a dramatic departure from the norm, Golkar, one of Indonesia’s biggest political parties, has called a formal pitch for its US$13 million full service advertising account, a process that has involve up to 23 agencies.

Traditionally, political parties in Indonesia appoint local agencies based on personal relationships rather than through a formal pitch process.

Andi Waryanto, chief of creative design at Golkar said that a formal pitch has been called because the political climate in Indonesia has changed, and his party wanted to appoint the best agency.

“We want a very distinct concept for our campaign since we are competing with 24 other parties. We would like our agency to cut through the clutter and develop something unique for us.” Hotline, Rama Perwira, Matari Advertising, Dwisapta, Mediate and CabeRawit are some of the agencies that figure in the list of 23.
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3 thoughts on “Golkar seeking professional advertising help

  1. Back in 1998 Golkar, or a faction within it, sought the help of a British image-management consultant. The idea didn’t get past the discussion stage, and it was hard to tell which side were the more deluded about what they had and what they could offer.


  2. @Jeremy: Didn’t the government also appointed Burson marsteller or some other PR outfit about 10 years ago to give their image a makeover? It was during the Suharto years.

    The real reason for the appointment, as the gossip had it then, was that somebody was shagging someone in the agency.

    Nothing came out of it for the country though. The thing with consultancies is that if you have a clear vision and point of view and use them with surgical precision for their technical capabilities, then there is a high chance of success.

    But if you have no idea what you want to convey in the first place, then all the best consultancies in the world won’t be able to do anything beneficial for you, save charge you a lot in fees.


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