Happy Birthday Bapak Blogger Indonesia

It’s Enda Nasution‘s birthday today so join Unspun in wishing Enda, who’s known by some as Bapak Blogger Indonesia, many happy returns of the day.

Enda earned his sobriquet by being one of the first Indonesians to start blogging. Last year he became chairman for Pesta Blogger and led the team to a very successful first national gathering of bloggers. This year he has passed the baton on to Wicaksono, alias Ndoro Kakung.

In the meantime Enda has been speaking up about blogging and bloggers and encouraging Indonesians and others to blog. Just yesterday he was on Metro TV being interviewed about blogging and Pesta Blogger.

So Happy Birthday, Bapak Blogger.

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An eternal student of persuasion, communication and crisis management skills, with a propensity to unspin spins

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  1. mas enda, minggu depan yaaaa janjinya 😀 ong, mas enda will treat us lunch next week to celebrate his birthday hehehe 😉


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