Too sexy for their catwalk

And this PAS party wants to be part of the ruling government in Malaysia? Did the hotel get off scott free for hosting this? Only four men in a contest? Were they good looking and did they shave their legs?
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Malaysian Islamic court sends 4 Muslim men to jail for cross-dressing

The Associated Press ,� Kuala Lumpur � | �Mon, 07/28/2008 2:01 PM� | �Headlines

An official says an Islamic court in northern Malaysia has jailed four Muslim men for taking
part in a transvestite beauty pageant.
Mohamad Abdul Aziz Mohamad Noor, a senior official in the Islamic department in Kelantan state, says the men were sentenced to seven days in jail and given a 1,000 ringgit (US$310) fine Sunday after they pleaded guilty to cross-dressing.
He says the men were arrested together with 11 others on Friday for participating in the beauty pageant at a resort.
Mohamad Abdul Aziz said Monday that the others are expected to be charged next month.
Malaysia has both Islamic and secular courts. Sariah courts administer civil matters for Muslims, who make up more than 60 percent of Malaysia’s 27 million people.(

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One thought on “Too sexy for their catwalk

  1. Silly Boys. If they were not Muslim, then they could not have been arrested is it? How narrow minded can they be? First, you need to convert out of Islam. Then, you continue to be cross-dressers. And/ or trans-genders. There are many hospitals/ clinics in Thailand where you can perform the operations. There are also many support groups in Bangkok which help provide counseling, as well as support for this type of surgery.

    So Kelantanese Boys, wake up, cross the border, (most of you have Border passes anyway), or go back to your homeland in Vietnam. We all know that you are from the Cham Tribe, and NOT “malay”. So please, do yourself a favor. DO NOT GET ARRESTED again, for such a silly offense.

    We support you all the way.

    GO !! KELANTAN GO !!!!

    They (the BN) Bluff you.

    Malaysia (where got) Boleh????


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