Bike and electric car sharing seem to be good ideas but would not, probably in our lifetimes, be implemented in Jakarta. Why? Unspun started to list down the reasons why but gave up because the list would be to long. Here’s the start…maybe you an add to it:

1. People would steal the cars and the half arsed police would not do anything to prevent the theft

2. ITB students would crank our fake credit cards for people who would pay for the cars and then run off with them

3. Electric cars would not be able to negotiate the potholes and bumps that give Jakarta roads their distinctive flavor

4. Electric cars would short-circuit in the event of a flood and boy are there floods in Jakarta

5. DPR members in bed with pertamina will block any such move, if there are DPR members left after the KPK deals with them

clipped from

Paris mayor eyes popular bike-sharing plan and asks: Why not electric cars, too?

Gaelle Faure ,  Associated Press ,  Paris   |  Tue, 07/29/2008 8:14 AM  |  World

PARIS (AP) – Paris’ ambitious mayor has a new “green dream” after the spectacular success of his bike-sharing scheme launched a year ago: a version for electric cars.

Under Bertrand Delanoe’s environmentally friendly plan, a driver could pick up a car, say, on the Left Bank, snake up the slopes of Montmartre, then drop it off – and only pay for the minutes spent behind the wheel.

But cars, even electric, are already proving more divisive than bikes.

With the price of gas steadily rising and Paris parking a permanent headache, some drivers are delighted by the new project. Others see it as a step backward, fearing it could mean more traffic and dependence on cars in an already congested city.

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