What Unspun wants to know, if the story from The Straits Times is true, is how does one qualify to do a sodomy check? What special skills and knowledge must a doctor have before he can be qualified to do a sodomy check? What rigorous training before someone becomes a specialist?

Does the doctor have to stare at arseholes for hours? At which case, would Parliamentary reporters in Malaysia qualify to become sodomy check specialist doctors?

Such probing questions need to be asked to get to the bottom of the issue. A deep anal-ysis is needed to find out What lies Beneath? Something smells rotten here and they are not Klingons. (Hmmm. Overdid the metaphor there, but I just couldn’t resist)

July 31, 2008
Doctor ‘not qualified’ to do sodomy check
He also didn’t conduct such an examination on Anwar’s accuser, says hospital
By Hazlin Hassan
IN KUALA LUMPUR – A DOCTOR who examined a young man accusing opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy was not qualified to conduct such a check, a private hospital said yesterday.
The surprise revelation came on a day of drama as speculation spread that Datuk Seri Anwar would be arrested soon, with his accuser issuing a statement to say he had indeed been sexually assaulted.

Dozens of reporters and photographers rushed to Mr Anwar’s home in a Kuala Lumpur suburb early yesterday morning amid talk that he was being arrested. Many of them remained waiting outside the house late yesterday evening.

Mr Anwar appeared at an Islamic department late yesterday morning to give a statement about his case, which he had filed with an Islamic court.

His former aide Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 23, had made a police report a month ago saying he had been sodomised by Mr Anwar. The 61-year-old politician said the claim was a lie aimed at killing his political career.

Mr Anwar on Tuesday showed the media a medical report from Hospital Pusrawi, which said a doctor there had examined Mr Saiful and found no evidence of sodomy.

But Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar said the government will not ask the police to drop their investigations into the sodomy case just because of the medical report.

He said the report was part of a whole chain of evidence which police were probing, The Star daily reported.

‘We have to let the police complete their investigations, submit their investigating papers to the prosecutor and let the prosecutor decide if there is a case,’ he said.

The government-backed Hospital Pusrawi called a rare news conference yesterday to say its doctor had not conducted a sodomy-related examination on Mr Saiful. It also said the doctor was not qualified to draw conclusions on such cases.

‘Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid did not carry out any examinations on the said patient in relation to sodomy,’ it said. But the hospital did not deny that the report was genuine.

It added that Dr Mohamed Osman, who has been on leave since last Friday, was a general practitioner at the hospital’s accident and emergency clinic and not a specialist. The hospital said the doctor had advised Mr Saiful to be further examined by a specialist in a government hospital.

Mr Saiful’s lawyer met the press separately yesterday, issuing a statement by the young man who has gone into hiding.

He said in the handwritten statement: ‘There is no reason for me to falsely accuse Anwar in this matter…I leave it to the police to conduct their investigations. I now await the results of the investigation to bring the individual involved to justice.’

Mr Anwar, asked by reporters if he was ready to be arrested and charged, said: ‘I don’t know what to expect. But there is no basis as to why the police would even consider charging me.’

The information chief of Mr Anwar’s party, Mr Tian Chua, brushed aside claims that the doctor had not performed any sodomy-related examination on Mr Saiful. ‘The report mentions ‘per rectal examination’. Why would it say that if there was no medical examination?’ he told The Straits Times.

Copies of the medical report that were leaked to popular websites showed the doctor’s notes as concluding: ‘P/R (Per rectal examination): No active bleeding, no ulcer or pus seen, no injury shown, no tear seen.’

Mr Anwar had argued that the Pusrawi report proved his innocence.

As for Mr Saiful, a relative told Bernama news agency the young man was confident the police would solve the case in the best possible way. ‘He is in good health but has lost some weight…But in this trying situation, he can still smile and think positively,’ said the relative, identified only as Mr Rahim.

12 thoughts on “Sodomy specialization?

  1. Hello respected bloggers and commentators,

    I personally think that Anwar could sodomize Saiful. Well when most of the people thought that its impossible for a 61 year old man, with a bad back and ill health – hold down, rip the pants off of and stick his erect penis into the asshole of a young strapping 23 year old man? I don’t think so. Well like what people said,”when there is a will, there will always be ways for it. ”

    Well, common sense will tell you in reality even an employer can get a desperate employee to do pretty much anything.

    So a girl with a knife to her neck would be easy to deal with, don’t u think

    Coming back to Saiful, it could be any number of reasons, but definitely the least of these reasons would be brute force or violence. I can think of many more ways on how a 60 year old man can get a young man like Saiful into a predicament like the one he is in now without the use of force, but I will leave that to your imagination for now :)-quoted from stephendoss.

    Regarding about the medical report which is so controversial, surprisingly there are three expertise doctors finally reveal out their analysis and comments about it, they think is unfair to said that this is a setup done by the government like in 1998. The websites are (http://novandri.blogspot.com/) which is Dr Novandri Hasan Basri, Dr Mohd. Raffick comments in (www.stephendoss.blogspot.com), and also form a doctor which would not want to reveal his name, but commented in (www.stephendoss.blogspot.com). I suggest you log in to the websites to get a clear view of the medical report explanations.

    But in a conclusions, I think that in a few days DSAI will be charged for the cases. I also believe that RPK has misinterpreted the facts. He has also exaggerated the interpretation of the doctor writings. I think who ever has been advising him , has not given a fair opinion His writings have come to such a skewed conclusion and now his writings is being politicised. Overall, I think this medical note has not proved or disapprove anything.

    Uncle Pet is brave to challenge RPK since RPK is insulting him personally. RPK wouldn’t be dare enough to accept the challenge, might as well figure out a new article to twist the stories around again.


  2. well, i don’t really know what are the qualifications needed to be the ‘specialist’ but perhaps with the title itself, the doctor will need to shoulder the responsibility as well. Responsibility which attain them to be held accountable to their words unlike some who choose to dissappear altogether.


  3. what a so coincidence….

    DSAI planning a comeback and at same time he planning a sodummy? for the second time?
    BN knows DSAI coming very near and say..fool come to see no..zip
    Permatang Pauh MP resign and less an hour police investigation against DSAI anounced complete..

    Huhh… a real chess game!


  4. Hmm, interesting though…

    My medical view:
    its either voluntarily or involuntarily
    both can traumatize one’s anus but of course severity differ
    by forcing an object into one’s anus, it can cause inflammation of the mucosa (the outer lining of anus) and may injure the anal sphincter (the ring muscle that closes the anus)…

    in an involuntary case, the object is forced against a constricting sphincter, it will cause severe damage to the lining mucosa, in the form of abrasion of to a greater degree ulceration……

    there are actually two rings of sphincters at the end of anus, internal and external. internal anal sphincter is involuntary, controlled by the autonomous nervous system (meaning its closure//opening cannot be controlled by the host)

    so in a case where one being threatened by force, although he can voluntarily open the external anal sphincter, by forcing the internal anal sphincter to open can inflict inflammation to the lining mucosa…

    abrasion or ulceration of mucosa leads to edema (accumulation of fluid) causing it to swell. redness due to blood accumulation and pain in the area. Bleeding is common to a greater extend…

    however, by doing per rectal examination, not much can be concluded except for bleeding, swelling and pain of course. further investigations such as proctoscopy and occult blood must be done.

    proctoscopy is a device inserted into the anus to see the anal mucosa and occult blood can detect bleeding in less severe cases…

    My common sense:
    1)Pengerusi Klinik Kesihatan Bergerak Pemuda & Bahagian Bukit Gelugor, Pulau Pinang.
    2)Ketua Penerangan Pemuda UMNO Bukit Gelugor. 3)Doktor Perubatan.

    hes a politician, hes one of those UMNOputra no brain dogs lah, i wont believe watever he says, hes biased


  5. Hey, good to see your name appear again, Kamarul…

    On the Sodomy expert issue.

    Here’s my 2 Rupiah.
    Asshole got blood/ scar/ tear= something got shoved up Saiful’s ass.
    No blood/ scar/ tear means nothing got shoved up Saiful’s ass.

    Whether it be a piece of plastic, a rubber dildo, dick or even a cactus.
    Skip it. Does not require a rocket scientist to figure this one out.


  6. just want to the number of times he’s been sodomized before doing a report…anyone?? 🙂 first time? i don’t think so…


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