Indonesia-based blogger Rob Baiton has been trying to post all sorts of weird shit to attract readers and he’s now experimenting with the gay team because a friend tells him that Malaysian go gaga over that tag.

What’s with Bolehland?Are there that many gay Malaysians surfing the net, that many hetro Malaysians interested in gay postings or has the Government started something with all the sodomy accusations?

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One of my blogging colleagues, GJ, has decided that a good way of increasing traffic is to write something on gay clubs. He notes that his traffic seems to increase significantly after a gay clubs post, particularly in the number of hits he gets from Malaysian IPs.
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4 thoughts on “What’s with Malaysians and “gay” postings?

  1. Dear Blogger,


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  2. Unspun…

    Weird shit would be a matter of interpretation…

    Generally, the shit I post is stuff that amuses me or interests me or both at the same time.

    Nah, since posting the post in question there has been no significant jump in traffic and there has been no increase in the numbers of Malaysian Internet surfers dropping by. So, in a completely unscientific way I am guessing that the correlation between gay themed postings and increased traffic from Malaysia has yet to be proved.

    Thanks though for the plug (for want of a better word)…You are by far a more popular blogger than I, so thanks in advance for any additional traffic that swings by my humble abode as a result of the mention.



  3. I believe that the “Gay and Happy” people of Malaysia might not be internet savvy enough to hit your site. Or it might be that they are too busy patrolling the dark alleys behind Dataran Merdeka… to get on-line.


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