But why would anyone want to catch Ms Bule?

Perseus over at Indonesia Matters discusses how brown boys like Unspun can snare themselves a white girl, who has her preferences.

This is all fascinating stuff, especially about the reference to penis sizes, but the question that begs to be answered is this: would a brown guy want to snag a bule woman in the first place?

Agree with Perseus that all this talk is generalization but in all generalizations are kernels of the truth. And the kernel that Unspun‘s come across over the years, especially to many brown guys and in regards to the ms in Australia, is that GENERALLY Ms Bule looks great – until they hit their 30s. Then, as Frank Sinatra put it, they begin to look like used tea bags.

clipped from www.indonesiamatters.com

How to Catch Ms Bule

August 4th, 2008, in Opinion, by perseus
Perseus on white girls not going for Asian guys, and differences between white women and Indonesian women.

How to Catch Ms Bule

White girls (e.g. Australian girls) have a reluctance to date/marry Asian men. It is quite common to see a white guy with an Asian girl but less common to see a white girl with an Asian guy.


According to a blog discussion [1] at the Sydney Morning Herald there are various answers.

Caucasian men are seen as more masculine (in that they are bigger, more muscular and more aggressive).

Asian girls are seen as more feminine (more petite, submissive, compliant).

Asian men are smaller, slighter, shorter and a white girl wants her man to be bigger than she is not smaller. She wants to look petite next to her big boyfriend not like an elephant next to a teeny tiny guy.

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  1. Dear Unspun, no one could accuse you of not having guts. x o hope all’s well in your neck of the universe & blogosphere. Good to hear things are going strong over here.


  2. I couldn’t agree more. With the greatest respect to my many teman2 perempuan bule, I am not sure I would wish them on an unsuspecting Indonesian suitor! Temperamental, demanding, argumentative and (like most bules – including me) sometimes outright rude! =)

    I only have one bule woman friend who is married to an Indonesian, but he’s Batak and more than up to the challenge!

    Now, if there’s money involved, that’s different. Personally, I would put up with a lot if a sizable income was involved ;-))


  3. hmmm…

    I think bule women’s okay, though the generalization makes it clear that they like huge dicks, bigger appearance including height and weight. Points where asian men are lack of

    Yet, some bule women are actually shorter than the average asian men, and some asian men have evolved in terms of dick-size.. though mine is obviously havent..

    still, the fact that bule women dominate the number of porn stars on dvds, or the number of asian men bought bule pornos instead of th asian or japanese porno dvds says that bule women ARE hotter..


  4. my grandma was bule and grandpa is a quarter bule. But grandpa is a huge man and that is probably why grandma fell for him. i have many bule aunts in NL who married 100% indonesians, some even married short indonesian men.

    In my innocent and untainted mind, for most people the reason to get hitched is love. So skin color, height (my 100% indonesian husband is 6 cm shorter than i am, im of mixed race/eurasian, and i do not feel like an elephant next to him), and other factors aren’t important.

    why would a brown guy snag a bule gal? why would anyone snag another person? love and compatibility, that’s why.
    i hope that answers your question, unspun.


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