Indonesian bloggers interviewed

By Texastee, a 29 year old blogger who was born in Indonesia and now studying in Berlin who seems to be, as he blog title suggests, mapping the digital revolution.

She’s been interviewing some prominent Indonesian bloggers and her most recent interview was none other than Unspun’s colleague and project manager for Pesta Blogger 2007 and now 2008, the multi-talented Hanny Kusumawati.

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Part 5 of the interveiw Series: HANNY KUSUMAWATI – THE PRODUCER

Hanny personifies the female multitasking talent. She was the project manager of Pesta Blogger 07 , the first nation-wide bloggers’ meeting in Indonesia. She works in the PR agency Maverick, writes for the company blog and on top of that, keeps her own, private blog. Oh, and did I mention she also plans to publish a book?

For Pesta Blogger 08, she will return to her position as project manager and member of the steering committee. As representative of Maverick, she will be the link between organizers, sponsors and bloggers – making it all happen! That’s why I call her THE PRODUCER. Here comes the interview… beware, it’s quite long, but also very interesting! So keep on reading ya… 🙂


Hanny, all smiles in a Jakarta ice cream parlor

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