Going to the dogs


From the Oxford dictionary:
sedition |siˈdi sh ən|
conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.
ORIGIN late Middle English (in the sense [violent strife] ): from Old French, or from Latin seditio(n-), from sed- ‘apart’ + itio(n-) ‘going’ (from the verb ire).

This is barking mad.

clipped from rockybru.blogspot.com

Blogger arrested for doing a doggy

The Inspector-General of Police told reporters in Kuala Lumpur a while ago that the blogger Penarik Beca or Bakaq is being investigated for “humiliating” the police force.

How did Bakaq humiliate the force? The blogger apparently transformed the TIGER on the police emblem into a DOG!

I don’t agree with the act of doggying the cops that way. Like the hippies calling the police PIGS in. Like most of you who are unhappy with some bloggers’ decision to raise an inverted flag on Merdeka as a sign of protest.

But is it seditious?
  blog it

2 thoughts on “Going to the dogs

  1. I think that Penarik Becha Insulted the Dog more than the Police. How could he degrade the dog, by associating it with the Police?

    Please!!! Dogs are far more intelligent than Malaysian Police !!
    However, his charge should be “Stupidity”, and not Sedition.
    Is UMNO running out of things to charge Malaysian with nowadays???


  2. But is it seditious?

    Good question. Obviously we don’t have standards to define what sedition really means. And hence, to make fun of the police can be seen to be seditious from the eyes of the sensitive police.


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