What has dangdut star Inul Darista and Avril Lavingne have in common? Both are considered unsuitable performers by PAS, the so-called Islamic-based political party that now controls the Federal territory of Kuala Lumpur.

Inul’s gyrations presumably will send the brethren will with lust. But Avril’s “punk elements”? What could it possibly do to the believers?

clipped from chunwai08.blogspot.com

Avril Lavigne also cannot ah?

This is unbelievable but then, what do you expect from PAS? The party has consistently called for a ban of concerts, gender segregation and the imposition of hudud laws. They have never changed. Encouraged by its success in stopping dangdut queen Inul Darista from performing at the Merdeka Stadium, the Federal Territory PAS is now calling for a ban of the Avril Lavigne concert. Its chief Kamaruzaman Mohamad is saying the Canadian rocker’s “punk elements” are unsuitable.
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2 thoughts on “First Inul, now Avril

  1. Punk elements are unsuitable, but drug usage by local Malaysian Stars in to be encouraged; despite how many times they check in and out of rehab. This is the wonderful world of Malaysia. (aka Maling-Sia by our fellow Indonesians.)

    Gyrating hips are also unsuitable, but “incest-ual” practices are swept under-the-carpet from all corners of Malaysia. Talk about “Triple Standards”.

    And Mat Rempits are glamorized and idolized by all youth hanging out at Pertama Complex…. *sheesh*
    Imagine what the future generations will be….


  2. The only thing I can say about FT PAS is that they aren’t just against the foreign artistes. Ella had similar treatment.

    Well, Inul just performed in the residence of the Indonesian ambassador to Malaysia. And there was no signof protest from FT PAS?


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