Not so pakar in public relations?

Interesting story about one of Unspun‘s favorite institutions, Tourism Malaysia.

Note that Mirza of Pakar Media dd not advice his brother that there may be a conflict of situation arising from the fact that they are siblings as well as client and consultant. A good PR person shoul;s have done that.

Note also that Mirza’s said that his “company’s records shows that no payment was ever made to the said clinic by Pakar Media on behalf of the director general.” He did not say that Pakar Media does not know of, does not condone and has not sanctioned any transactions of this nature.

While they are investigating Tourism Malaysia they might also want to cast their investigations a bit wider to, say a neighboring country where Tourism Malaysia, it is said, has appointed the company owned by the son of a vice president.

What results has Tourism Malaysia reaped from this appointment f the great and good in this neighboring country? What are the KPIs? Were any targets set and achieved? If not, where’s the accountability?

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Pakar Media MD breaks silence on ‘corruption’ controversy
19-Aug-08, 09:38
KUALA LUMPUR – Pakar Media’s managing director Mirza Mohammad Tariq has broken his silence following accusations that his agency had sponsored expensive dental treatments for his client, Tourism Malaysia (TM) director general Datuk Mirza Mohd Taiyab.
“Our company’s records shows that no payment was ever made to the said clinic by Pakar Media on behalf of the director general,” said Mirza.
He also refuted allegations that Pakar Media was favoured by Tourism Malaysia because of his relationship with Datuk Mirza (they are brothers).

Datuk Mirza was yesterday (Monday, 18 August) charged by the Anti-Corruption Agency with accepting dental treatment from Pakar Media and has been suspended with half-pay for two months.
TM’s roster agencies say that this announcement, which was made by a representative at the Tourism Ministry, is not likely to impact their businesses.
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