Moi? Badmouth?

A senior PR person came up to Unspun at a recent function asking if it was true, as some of Senior’s people had told Senior, that Unspun had been badmouthing them.

Unspun was taken aback. Moi? The only things that could be construed as close to badmouthing them was Unspun‘s entry about an UNNAMED PA/PR firm which was experiencing, er, personnel problems. When unspun told Senior that, Senior put hand to heart and said: “But it is true! They were sacked!”

Unspun was surprised by the accuracy of his sources. Unspun was even more surprised that Unspun had to be asked what he’d written in his blog as its all open to the public. Why couldn’t said Senior just go into the Net to check out first-hand purported slights? A generation thingy?

Anyway, Unspun is not unfair and here’s a positive development about APCO and their new acquisition.

clipped from
Prasvita joins APCO Indonesia
Global PA operator APCO Worldwide has boosted its team in Jakarta with the appointment of former TV journalist Laksmi Prasvita.

Prasvita recently worked as a communication consultant to the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector arm of the World Bank Group in Jakarta.
“Laksmi’s experience with local and international media will enhance our capabilities in Indonesia and further strengthen our capacity to offer insightful, strategic communication counsel to clients,” said APCO Indonesia MD John Arnold.
Prasvita spent four years working for Metro TV where she produced an investigative weekly news magazine show and hosted the news and other current affairs programmes; she was assigned to the Danish television station, DRTV, where she produced documentaries.

“I look forward to bringing my expertise in both financial communication and the nonprofit sector to APCO’s strategic communication team in Jakarta and around the globe,” she said.

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3 thoughts on “Moi? Badmouth?

    1. Hi,

      Laksmi prasvita is not well suited to take up the position at apco as she is a journalist and not a thinker and strategist.


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