All very admirable of LIPI, which also seems to have a few inventions under its belt.

But invention is one thing, innivation is another. It involves making lots of dosh from an invention that may not even be yours. So what’s LIPI innovated to mert giving out these awards?

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LIPI hands out Innovation Award

The Jakarta Post ,� Jakarta � | �Sat, 08/23/2008 5:09 PM� | �Sci-Tech

The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) has chosen two of its researcher as recipients of the Inventor Award 2008 on Saturday.
LIPI’s former deputy for science services Sunartoto and biotechnology researcher Enny Sudarmonowati have both been awarded at LIPI’s 41st anniversary after receiving patents for their inventions on TL UVB phototherapy and Sengon plant cultivation, respectively.
“Both of them received patents for their research,” Head of LIPI Centre for Innovation Syahrul Aiman told Antara.(amr)

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