Obviously a trial run but…Hmmm. a bit retro and conservative don’t you think? Obviously

6 thoughts on “A view of the Globe to come?

  1. Thanks for the attention — but no, this is not our website. We’ll let you know when ours goes up!

    Trish Anderton
    Jakarta Globe Web Editor


  2. Hello there, dear unspun,
    Definitively not ours. The Jakarta Globe daily one is not yet on the web, and can assure you that it looks nothing like that laah… trust the little birds. For a bit of early preview, you are certainly welcome to our nest! a guided tour, a mug of good coffee or even something stronger, and my personal warmth (ha) is on offer. I promise to leave my ego in the box above the kitchen sink at t home that day.


  3. @Trish, @Bhim: Hey guys, thanks for pointing out that its not your site but I think you need to also clarify this to the owner of this site: http://www.editorsweblog.org/newspaper/2008/08/indonesia_launch_of_new_daily_the_jakart.php

    @Bhim: Offer of a sneak peek very much appreciated to your bird’s nest (an Olympian allusion?). Something stronger certainly sounds inviting. I hear that the spirit moves in mysterious ways there ;). Will call you to take up on the offer.

    The box above the kitchen sink: you mean that megalithic block? It’s enough to accommodate the ego? (Just playing…)


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