Mola Mola!

Went diving yesterday at Crystal Bay, Nusa Pernida near Bali and lucked out in the third dive: Unspun and friends saw the coveted mola Mola or Giant Sunfish (pix by Unspun, touched up in Photoshop by Biji Jawa who’s good at these things)

These creatures are fantastic and weird of shape. From fin to fin they are about taller than an adult. They are deep water creatures but come up close to the surface to get cleaned – like the cleaning station in the animated film, Nemo.

Great to behold and they usually are sighted in the morning. But we got there by 8am and saw nothing in the first two dives. Then, after noon, we decided to dive one last time even the chances weren’t good. But we saw it. Had to go deep though. Unspun’s divecomp said 39.8 meters deep.

Tried out my new idiot-proof camera and underwater casing too. Well, it IS idiot proof.

Just remembered that it was Independence day in Malaysia yesterday. What does one do? Wish the guys back home Happy Independence Day? What’s there to be happy about in Malaysia. Well, a lot but the government is not one of them.

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