Malaysia to put the brakes on Indonesian music?

Is Malaysia reneging on its promise not to put the brakes on the circulation of Indonesian songs in Bolehland?

What will the Malaysians do to entertain themselves without Indonesian music? Listed to the PAS Rappers? the 50Sen version of songs from Umno? Canto Pop from MCA’s karaoke fiends?

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Membatasi Lagu Asing

Kamis, 04 September 2008 @ 00:30 | Umum


Terkabarkan sebagian pegawai industri rekaman Malaysia ingin perbandingan 90:10 untuk pengudaraan lagu lokal dan asing. Termasuk dalam asing adalah (terutama) Indonesia. Alasannya, popularitas lagu dari luar Malaysia akan mengganggu penjualan rekaman artis setempat. Amy Search, menurut Antara, mengatakan bahwa jam 10 malam ke atas Malaysia sudah seperti Jakarta karena semua radio menyiarkan lagu-lagu Indonesia hingga dinihari.

Taruh kata berita Antara itu benar, apakah keinginan itu masuk akal? Secara “politik kebudayaan” pemerintah Malaysia, melalui Menteri Penerangan Zainuddin Maidin, tahun lalu sudah menyatakan takkan membendung musik dan film Indonesia.

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  1. Hahahaha ……….only to Indonesia ?

    If Karyawan want to protect their local artist consistently … They should requested the same thing to other music from US, UK, Hongkong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, India, Korea, Arab etc..

    Can they do that …?


  2. This is a challenge for our musicians to give and breath out new stuffs into the music industry.
    All the brakes in the world will not be enough if we end up producing the same stuffs every single year.


  3. first of all, most of the malay song are SUCKS!!!… i repeat myself …REALLY SUCKS big time!!!…. like indonesian said …. Kampungan!! …. which included Siti…. god given her a nice voice…..but most of her song are really bad!! from the lyrics, melody, music arrangements …. are so crap!!!

    the music industry in malaysia never change or improve ….. still sounded the same like from 80s…….. PLEASE ….as an artist or a composer, you should first appreciate another artist’s creation…….. NOT TO BAN THEM!!!!…….

    if the composer/ artist agree to do so………………….

    don’t call yourself an artist, composer, singer!!!!

    not professional at all!!! …….


  4. well,,,

    i just wanna know,
    can malaysia survive without indonesian songs??

    pikir lah dulu sebelum kau ambil tindakkan…
    masalah seperti ini saja diributkan…

    apa kau kurang kompeten hingga takut tak ada lagi lagu2 malaysia??diganti dengan lagu2 indonesia??

    pantas kau suka “ngambil” lagu2 kami…


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