What killed Sophan Sophiaan?

Unspun is usually oblivous of celebs. But working out in the morning in the Fainancial Club’s gymhas given him a forced exposure to to the beautiful, the washed and the famous. This is because all the women in the gym insist on changing the TV channels to gossip shows.

Most of the time it is the inane bimbo divorces himbo, or vice versa, plot. Or the bimbette caught with drugs, or the occassional child custody case. All this is forced on Unspun in soundless images because he’s out of breath and has earplugs from his iPod tuned to NPR’s great podcast on Jazz Profiles.

While listening about the lives of Betty Carter and Norman Granz and tryig to stay alive on the threadmill Unspun could not help but see images of Sophan Sophiaan, the famous actor and Harley Davidson enthusiast who died when his Harley ploughed into a hole outside Yogjakarta. He fell, was rushed to hospital and died.

The gossip shos keep showing the hole, a long ugly scar gouged out of the road near a bridge where Sophan must have fell.

In between gasps of air Unspun wondered what a hole that size was doing in the middle of the road, and allowed to remain there untouched and unrepaired indefinitely, with no one seemilgly held accountable for allowing such a deathtrap to continue existing.

In a more perfect world the local authorities or the highway authority would be sued for endangering the lives of road users. But no one seems to have ben sued or held accountable.

This all reminds Unspun of a conversation with the missus, she of higher intellect than Unspun, whereby she observed that Indonesi is phenomenal in that things can exist without anyone being held accountable. Things would go wrong but nobody would be held accountable. The Press, free though they may be, also seems to be incapable of holding authorities to task for their inadequacies and failures.

This is the reason why roads have potholes, pavements are cracked, busses stop in the middle of the road…

Sophan was a huge celebrity so there is a lot of hoo hah over the gash in the road that caused his death. But what if he was well known? What if it was you or I? Would we be able to seek redress? Would we be able to hold anyone accountable? Would the Press even bother to take up our cause if we approached them?

What killed Sophan Sophiaan? The gash on the road or an attitude of indifference bred by a lack of accuntability?


  1. Unspun…

    I haven’t really been following this. My better half is a more avid gossip show watcher than me. But as I was reading Detik the other day it seems that the issue is not just on the rather large and still unrepaired pot hole but there is an issue regarding the death certificate.

    The lack of accountability and the inability to provide basic services is a regular complaint in this part of the world.

    For me if there is some manipulation and intrigue surrounding the issue of the death certificate and its contents, then this is sure to make for interesting gossip in the future. I wonder whether the big wigs that were being interviewed were being so in order to establish the negligence of the local government in not maintaining the road or whether there was something untoward happen in the period after the crash…


  2. omg, does it really have to wait until a celebrity die because of it, then somebody would take care of the ugly road?

    too bad… too bad… (always have the respect for mr. sophian).


  3. road safety… is an ‘alien’ anywhere you are in indonesia… It will take another 2 decades (maybe less of more…) to make it user friendly.


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