Operasi Lalang II?

So far three people have been arrested under Malaysia’s Internal Security Act.More are expected. Three newspapers have also been handed show cause letters. The last time the Malaysian Government cracked down in this manner was Operasi Lalang in 1987,

Anwar, who’s said he intends to take power by getting MPs to switch to the opposition, must be a real threat to them.

clipped from chunwai08.blogspot.com

Teresa Kok arrested under ISA too

Seputih MP and Selangor state executive councillor Teresa Kok has just been nabbed under the ISA, making her the third person to be arrested under the ISA today. More details to come.

Sin Chew reporter nabbed under ISA

Sin Chew Daily reporter Tan Hoon Cheng, who wrote about Ahmad Ismail’s racist remarks, has been arrested. She was picked up by police at her Bukit Mertajam home at about 8.30pm and it is now confirmed that she has been arrested under the ISA. The Universiti Sains Malaysia mass communication graduate has worked in the newspaper for the past nine years. Her arrest has shocked the press fratenity as even in 1987, during the Operasi Lallang mass arrests, not a single journalist was arrested. The National Union of Journalists then was assured by the authorities that no reporter would be arrested.
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4 replies to “Operasi Lalang II?

  1. See?
    Have i not say so?
    Theres too many terrible things up in their sleeves…
    The one making racist remarks gets 3 year suspension from the party but the one reporting it gets ISA…
    This is why i fully cannot understand that there are certain ppl who want to give them ‘A BREAK’?….haha
    Have we not learned enough for this 50 years?
    Damn, they should die faster…


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