Living in Indonesia X2

Unspun‘s singlular loyal reader (thanks J) has whispered of a new site for expats in Indonesia being set up called Living in Indonesia.

Unspun checked the URl and lo and behold the source was correct. Interesting to see that Okusi Associates, whose owner is a prominent member of the Jakchat, er, forum, is one of the sponsors.

One thing Unspun cannot figure out is the lack of originality in the naming of the website. There is already a Living in Indonesia website that’s been in existence for some years now. So why choose the name Living in Indonesia as it confuses everyone.

Apart from the two “Living in Indonesia”s there’s also What’s New Jakarta that caters to the expat crowd.

So we now have three sites that cater to expats in Indonesia.

clipped from

Living in Indonesia

A Guide for Foreign Residents and Expatriates

Thinking of moving to Indonesia? Just stepped off the plane?

This site is written by people who’ve moved from another country and are now living in Indonesia. Whether you’re moving on your own or arriving on a corporate expat package – learn from our discoveries, mistakes, and the tips we’ve received from those who arrived ahead of us.

  • Getting ready to make the big leap? Check out our tips for moving to Indonesia – what to do before you arrive. Check out the cost of living in Indonesia, and find out how to see if you’re eligible for an employment pass. If you’re wondering what Indonesia is like, read our impressions of Life in Indonesia or check out stories from expat bloggers.
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3 replies to “Living in Indonesia X2

  1. come on, ayam, sapi, kambing, they’re all labels. not very nice to label people, is it? i mean, i wouldn’t want to be called an ayam just because i am a member of jakchat and visit for like once a month or so..

    chicken are animals too, as are goats and bulls and elephants.. lol


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