Stephanie Choo the sock puppet for Tony Fernandez?

Unspun‘s been getting a slew of spam comments from Stephanie Choo, a gmail address, with the message:

Nice commentaries in your blog.

I’ve noticed that everyone is blogging about <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”>Tony Fernandes Blog</a>.  Good way for him to obtain feedback.

Unspun‘s  received five spam posts so fart his morning and wonder who else has been getting them. Stephanies must be a real die hard fan of Air Asia CEO Tony Fernandez or she’s a sock puppet, probably hired by some low end PR firm to boost Tony’s blog ratings. Or not. You can never tell on the Net.

Now that Tony’s plunged into the blogosphere (and Unspun putting a trackback for him to notice this posting), perhaps he’d be so good as to grace this blog with an answer whether he knows of Stephanie at all and her attempts to popularize him.

One thought on “Stephanie Choo the sock puppet for Tony Fernandez?

  1. Greeting’s Ms.Stephanie Choo and to Datuk Tony Fernandez.My name is Oliver, 32 years old. I would like to share with your goodselfs something personal about myself and what great help Datuk Tony Fernandez has help me by motivating me to live my life strong. I am actually a Dialysis patient for the past 13 years now,i started my Dialysis at the age of 19, now I am 32. With this Dialysis Treatment I keep myself motivated by looking at how people like you keeps life valuble to live, and how we can achieve our dream and ambition,because to compete with major airlines and to become number one flight company is the greatest motivation anyone can learn from.I am writing to inform Datuk that you are my inspiration, how Datuk worked hard to bring up Air Asia successfully.Currently with my medical condition I am working in an oil company (Caltex) my company knows my situation and let me go for my Dialysis treatment when nessasary,I believe with my will power I have, it keeps me strong in facing my life, but the only one problem I have is Flight Fobia,I am writing to Datuk to ask Datuk a favour to help me overcome my flight fobia,as Datuk know my life spent in this world is very short ,because of that i just want to feel how is it to fly in a Plane,I really hope that Datuk can give a chance to fly in on of your Plane and fullfill my Dream. Thank You Datuk and may God Bless You and your team member of Air Asia always.Please Datuk take this as an official letter, THank You.Once again God Bless You.


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