Smoking kills, stopping it can be lethal too

This is a really bizarre and sad story that leaves Unspun, unusually, at a loss for words.
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Malaysian couple killed in stop-smoking ritual

The Associated Press ,� Kuala Lumpur � | �Fri, 10/03/2008 2:04 PM� | �World

Relatives beat a Malaysian couple to death in a ritual apparently meant to help the man to stop smoking, police said Friday.
The couple died of head injuries after being beaten with broomsticks and motorbike helmets during a family gathering at a Kuala Lumpur home Wednesday, said Ku Chin Wah, head of the city’s crime investigations department.
One of the couple’s sons and three other relatives remain in custody. Four other detained family members have been released, Ku said.
According to those detained, a nephew suggested the beating ritual after the man said he could not stop smoking and the woman complained of a liver ailment, Ku said.
It is not clear who was responsible for the deaths, but local media reported that the nephew convinced all the members of the Muslim family to beat each other.
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2 replies to “Smoking kills, stopping it can be lethal too

  1. Anita: I like the look of the theme but some of the features I am not too crazy about.

    You wonder what goes through the minds of people don’t you with family like that.


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