A site for divers in Indonesia

Blogger, diver, film director, object of jealous husbands’ wrath and Professor of Bijiology Iman Brotoseno has started a new blog about diving called Dunia laut. As with things Iman, great photos are part of the blog. It is meant for divers in Indonesia and is mainly in Indonesian but has some posts in English (e.g. a posting on Cenderawasih Bay by Unspun’s alter ego).

The idea behind the blog, Iman explained to me the other day, was to have a site for divers to go to. Divers can also contribute their photos and postings to the blog, but they would have to be registered.

It’s also meant to be a platform where divers can find other divers on a trip or where those organizing trips can find participants. Great idea.

What next Iman? A blog on Bijiology?

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  1. Bijiology? Ah You’d ave to ask Iman about his area of speciality.

    The diknas thing. Yes, disturbing and I have pointed to you post in my posting.


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