Indonesia pooh poohs Malaysia’s crackdown on bloggers

Ouch. This has got to hurt.

PM-to-be Najib should please take note of what Indonesian Minister of Communication and Informatics Muhammed Nuh has to say about the futility of trying to control blogs.

Why can the Indonesian Government be so secure about themselves while the Malaysian counterpart gets their knickers in a twist at the suggestion of criticism form the blogosphere?

Malaysia Boleh! Indonesia Lebih Boleh!

11 thoughts on “Indonesia pooh poohs Malaysia’s crackdown on bloggers

  1. @zahar: that is sooo 90s. where have you been?

    Our system now is so democratic yet so weak, hence : “…or get blown up”


  2. I go with Bonar.

    This Zahar fler must have been brainwashed by his government. He is made to believe that his government is the most benevolent one. I pity him.

    Wake up bro. My country might be not the best democratic country on earth or in some aspects better than yours but you can learn one or two things from us. Its free, gratis.


  3. @Jurangan Solo: *Yawn* So what’s your problem? Needless to say if yu want to make a point please be prepared to be clear about it and the substantiate any claims and allegations. Unspun has not yet learned the art of reading minds and deciphering stillborn sentences.


  4. Your question is a minor spin,i am just trying to say is racist remark in your blogs allowed if yes then forget about freedom of expression….read my lip….thats what happening in most blogs in Malaysia….its not the script…its the discussion and slandering among races in the blog among bloggers…..


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