Branding conundrum

The subject of Viva News came up for discussion in Unsun’s office. One colleague said that Viva News was now in operation.

“Oh you mean KanalOne?,” scoffed another.

“Well, they are one and the same, said the first colleague and pointed to the posting in Kariniya Dharmasaputra’s blog (below) as proof.

“Fine and well,” said second colleague,”but how do you go about rebranding something that had yet to be launched?”

Good question. Is a brand a brand if its not been made public? And is rebranding a puffed up fancy word for saying, “er, we changed our minds and decided to change the name”?

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From kanalOne to VIVAnews

KanalOne has been rebranded to VIVAnews.

Several old-time folks are enthusiastically buzzing out negative words on this subject. I don’t bother, actually. Being negative and prejudicial are always their genuine characters, right? Nothing special. So, what the heck?!

This rebranding is indeed my very own idea which was then approved by the owner. The goals are very clear and positive: to integrate powers and accumulate traffics of VIVAnews and VIVAcontent. The latter was born earlier, before I and my friends came up with the idea to create a news portal then named kanalOne.

My team is in a good shape toward the launch of VIVAnews beta-version, next month (October 2008). Every one is in high spirit.

So, ladies and gentlemen, please kindly welcome:!
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