Indonesian bloggers get a hangout place

What do Indonesian bloggers do when they get together? Well, they sing songs, tell jokes, open up their computers and Plurk or blog and generally ngongkrong. Some also took the opportunity to flirt (but who were some of them flirting with? Is this a clue?) .

And since film director and professor Biji Iman Brotoseno was there was well, he captured the event on film. here’s the videoclip.

At least that’s what they were up to at the front of the Dag Dig Dug office in Gandaria. Dag Dig Dug is an Indonesian host for blogs using the WordPress platform. The occasion was, partly, an observance of National Bloggers Day whih was proclaimed by Minister for Communication and Informatics Muhammad Nuh on October 27 last year, at Pesta Blogger.

This year’s Pesta Blogger is a bit late, on November 22, so the bloggers got together and had a little gathering. They also has a tumpengan ceremony to mark Iqbal‘s plunge into entrepreneuship – the opening of Wetiga, a Wi-Fi-ed Warung beside the Dag Dig Dug office where bloggers can gather in the evenings.

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