Jakarta Post to launch RI

That’s Reporting Indonesia, a book aboutn the paper’s 25-year history. The Post will launch it at a party tomorrow. Unspun understands that the book is written by Reuters journalist Bill Tarrant and edited by Jeremy Wagstaff, whose Loose Wire column appears in many publications, among them The Wall Street Journal and The Jakarta Post.

The two journalists were commissioned to write and edit the book because it was felt that they had the proper distance from the paper’s past, and therefore would be able to be more objective about developments.

Jeremy and Bill are Asian veterans and have stayed in Indonesia for many years, so should have the proper perspective to do a good job. Jeremy is also on a Facebook cause to save Bugils, a effort that is so magnificant in its inevitable failure Only the English can have such devotion to the Saint of Lost Causes.

Unspun‘s looking forward to attending the book launch, not least to meet the new senior editor who’s in charge of business coverage, and also to see if the rumor that Unspun‘s mentioned in an obscure footnote in the book, eating up Unspun‘s 3 seconds of fame quota for this lifetime.

4 thoughts on “Jakarta Post to launch RI

  1. Hey Ong – Not sure if you know but Equinox is the publisher, and I am looking at a copy of the book right now (got it yesterday). It’s absolutely beautiful, and I can confirm that Unspun is not mentioned as an obscure footnote, but you got an entire PARAGRAPH on page 257. And even an index entry! See you tomorrow night…


  2. @Hedi: Hey I’m just a gate crasher at the Post party. Ask Mark for a book, h’s the publisher 😉

    @Mark: Knew that you were the publisher but forgot to mention it. Sorry. A whol paragraph will get me 30 seconds of fame.


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