Pesta Blogger ’08 registration opens

Ever since the official announcement last Wednesday that Pesta Blogger 2008 will be held at the BPPT building on November 22, the Organizing Committee has been beset with inquiries from bloggers and enthusiasts of how to register for the event.

Well, wonder no more. All you need to do is go to the Pesta Blogger site and hit the registration button. You then have to fill in a form which will also ask you what your preferred topics for the breakout session are. We are trying to determine what participants are most interested in and try to meet their needs.Registration will close on November 15 or if the 1,000 places have been filled, whichever first.

Pesta Blogger 2008 will also depart from this year in that it will also ask participants for a contribution comprising of a token sum of Rp50,000 rupiah that go toward the expenses of setting up the event. The committee debated at length on what amount ot ask for and settled on Rp50,000 because it would be significant enough amount to filter out just passers by yet be affordable to people who are really interested in the event.

The Committee is also limiting the number of participants this year to 1,000 as that comes close to the maximum capacity of the auditorium at BPPT. Last year the Committee had to restrict attendance to 500 places because of the space limitations imposed by Blitz Megaplex. Many late bloggers who wished to take part were unfortunately left out in the cold, or the heat, since this is Jakarta.

More details of the Pesta Blogger wll be announced over the coming weeks and it looks like the Committee may be able to come up with some interesting door and other prizes for bloggers, so if you’re planning to attend Pesta Blogger 2008, please register as early as possible or risk being unable to get in.

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