Enda, Budi and moi?

The Jakarta Post did a write up on “Bapak Blogger” Enda Nasution today.  The interview was conducted because yesterday was National Bloggers Day, proclaimed by Minister of Communication and InInformatics Muhammad Nuh at last year’s Pesta Blogger. Good to see the ole’Post giving serious coverage to blogging and bloggers, especially in the run up to Pesta Blogger 2008.

There was an interesting passage where the reporter quotes blogger Marisa Duma as saying that Enda, Budi

Putra and Unspun‘s alter ego as always “reputably charming…Even to guys.”

Wonder where that came from? Unspun‘s alter ego has been called many things, usually in expletives, but “reputably charming” is not one of them and if he has to be charming he’d rather it be to gals than guys.

4 thoughts on “Enda, Budi and moi?

  1. @Rima: Probably. Been described many things but charming is not one of them. Besides Unspun’s only “reputably charming,” not necessarily really charming. Its all smoke and mirrors, perception rather than reality 😉


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