Almost 40% of places for Pesta Blogger 2008 taken up in one day

Registration for Pesta Blogger 2008, which will be held at the BPPT Building in Jakarta on 22 November, has taken off with a fast start.

Registration pened on Monday afternoon, on National Bloggers Day, and by 3.45pm Tuesday (yesterday) 385 of the 1,000 available places for Pesta Blogger have been taken up.

So if you are planning to go to Pesta Blogger you need to get off your butt now and register yourself. Once the number of registrants reach 1,000 registration will close.

The only way you can get in then is to show up at Pesta Blogger on 22 November, line up and hope that someone who’s registered gave up their places or failed to show an hour before the opening.

To register go here.

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Blogger Serbu Registrasi Daring
Hanya ada satu kata: dahsyat! Begitulah minat para blogger untuk menghadiri Pesta Blogger 2008. Betapa tidak. Setelah pendaftaran daring (online) dibuka Senin sore kemarin, para blogger langsung menyerbu halaman registrasi yang disediakan oleh

Server milik bahkan sempat macet sesaat gara-gara serbuan mereka yang ingin mendaftar sehingga halaman formulir registrasi sulit diakses pada jam-jam pertama pendaftaran.

Hingga Selasa sore sekitar pukul 15.45, jumlah blogger yang sudah mengisi formulir elektronik mencapai 385 orang.Angka tersebut tentu saja akan terus bertambah mengingat pendaftaran akan dibuka hingga 17 November 2008 hingga mencapai 1.000 orang.

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3 thoughts on “Almost 40% of places for Pesta Blogger 2008 taken up in one day

  1. It says that those who haven’t registered in time can show up at the event and pay an entrance fee of Rp. 50,000.

    Is that true? How will the committee coordinates this unplanned turn-up of participants in terms of food and drinks etc.?


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