Unctuous appointment

Pertamina faces a problem of persuading consumers to change from kerosene to LPG.

It’s an exercise in behavior change and persuasion, best handled by by PR practitioners rather than advertising suits. So what’s Pertamina doing appointing an advertising agency rahter than a PR consultancy?

Wonder what the new head of Corporate Communications Anang Nor, erstwhile of Rio Tinto, has to say about this.

But Indonesia should be proud nonetheless: A local firm has been able to outclass international advertising firms DDB and Grey for the job. Wonder why other international ad firmed pulled out or did not answer the RFP. Couldn’t have been McKinsey pulling out of managing the tender process, could it?

clipped from www.brandrepublic.asia

Pertamina hands account to Satu Citra

by Asiya Bakht
29-Oct-08, 16:37

JAKARTA – Pertamina has selected Satu Citra to handle creative and media duties for a campaign to persuade consumers to switch from kerosene oil to LPG.

The local agency won the above- and below-the-line business after a three-way pitch involving DDB and Grey Advertising.

The oil company initially called the pitch in February this year, but it was shelved abruptly for undisclosed reasons.

According to reports, the oil giant has been facing resistance from consumers who are unwilling to switch to LPG due to the inconvenience of the conversion process.

The Indonesian government launched the kerosene-to-LPG conversion programme in December 2006, to be completed in 2010, with Pertamina as the main implementing organisation.

Pertamina was aiming to provide LPG cylinders and gas stoves to 20 million households by the end of this year, but may not be able to meet this year’s target
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6 thoughts on “Unctuous appointment

  1. It’s so often government officals (Pejabat) think that they know a lot. Sadly many of his staff are yes-men and they don’t have the balls to challenge the idea despite of their logic says otherwise.

    I agree with you Ong that this is a job for PR rather than advertising. It will cost a lot of money and would not likely to have lasting impact like those offered by PR activities. I’m not sure whether it’s the result of political move, ignorance, or both.

    Let’s see lah, how the ads turns out, so we can, at least, estimate how far they have wasted the money.


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