Jakarta Globe out today

News Flash: Jakarta Globe is finally out today after many delays. But it hit the streets late because, say Unspun‘s sources, of printer problems.

Unspun‘s in and out of meetings today so can’t throw his two Rupiah worth of opinionated rubbish into the ring. But here’s how the paper, with an apparent print run of 60,000 (the Jakarta Post’s circulation is currently about 30,000) would look like.


Interestingly the publisher is Sigit Pramono, the former had of BNI. Lin Neuman holds the euphemistic title of Chief Editorial Advisor, Wim Tangkilisan, whose journalistic credentials Unspun has yet to be made aware of, is President and Editor-in-Chief. Deputy Editor-in-Chief is Bhimanto Suwastoyo with the exquisite Buddha statue in his office, News Editor is Kanis Dursin and Opinion Page Adviser is Pitan Daslani (what’s the difference between advisers and editors?)

The Jakarta Globe also has a website, of which none of it whispered interactive strategy is yet to be seen. The physical paper’s excuse for not coming out on time was printer problems. Wonder what the excuse of the online version is?

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  1. Presumably Lin Neuman’s status as chief editorial advisor is to get round legal problems regarding a work permit he likely does not have.


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