Jeff Ooi on Pesta Blogger 2008

It is just one more week to Pesta Blogger 2008 and the event is already oversubscribed. At last count about 1,200 people have registered for the event at the BPPT Auditorium on November 22.

As part of the events leading up to PB08 US Ambassador Cameron Hume yesterday paid a visit to Wetiga, the warong where BHI and other bloggers gather, and donated 300 books to BHI’s “Gerakan 1,000 Buku”effort, where they aim to collect donated books and redistribute or sell them for the benefit of needy children.

PB08 is also preceded by a Blogging Trip, where the PB Committee and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism have invited several prominent bloggers to visit Bali, Yogjakarta and Jakarta before joining the rest of us at PB08.

Mr Brown has left early and now is enjoying Bali and Jeff Ooi, Malaysia’s most prominent blogger and Parliamentarian will be making his way to Bali on Monday. Unspun and PB08 Committee Member Iman Brotoseno will be joining the bloggers and the Bali Blogging Community for dinner on Tuesday. In the meantime here’s what Jeff has to say about PB08.

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