Foreign bloggers begin blogging trip; Mr Brown already blogging about Bali

The five foreign bloggers invited by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism began their Blogging Trip today in Bali. Apart from a minor problem with setting up one of the bloggers’ HSDPA connection, our woman on the ground, Indri, says everything is going smoothly. We also hear that two Pesta Committee members went AWOL in the morning because they had a late night last night.The five bloggers are Jeff Ooi (Malaysia), Mr Brown (Singapore), Mark Tafoya (US), Mike Aquino (Philippines) and Anthony Bianco (Australia).

We expect to read their postings soon but in the meantime, Mr Brown and his wife arrived in bali early and he’s been posting away.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Road Trip 2: Bali Day 5, dressed up at New Treasure Island of Bali

Bali Day 5, dressed up at New Treasure Island of BaliThe wife is fully dressed up in Balinese livery. I’m smart casual with only the headgear. I think she looks lovely. She does a mean dancing pose too.

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  1. @Mike: It was great having you and I hope you had a memorable and emjoyable trip. Do come back to see more of Indonesia and have more arak! Link corrected.


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