A night with BBC

Unspun is chuffed to be in Bali, especially with the foreign bloggers on the Pesta Blogger Road Trip and the cheery Bali Blogger Comminity.

As I write this we have just finished dinner, and the BBC crowd has just treated us to a Bali traditional. Danc as well as a twist to Bali tradition – guys in drag with faces made up like Batman’s joker.

We are now seated lesehan style and the foreign bloggers have been invited to say a few words to the BBC crowd.

Mark Tafoya and Anthony Blanco have just said how much everyone seems to get on so well together in Indonesia. Mr Brown just struck a chord with the BBC by saying how brave they all are to blog in Bali because “the internet sucks”. Everyone agreed and said something needs to be done.

More about tonight later.

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