Pesta Blogger wins accolade for Indonesia from New Media Guru

Unspun began blogging because of a book written by Shel Israel and Robert Scoble called Naked Conversations.

That book opened Unspun‘s eyes to how new media is changing the game for corporate communications. It made Unspun, then a mere 40-something with disdain for any technology newer than the casette tape, realize that with New Media companies can increasingly circumvent the traditional media to talk directly to their stakeholders. In a world where there is reduced importance of traditional media, there will be also reduced importance for the Public Relations practitioner, which Unspun was and still in.

That made Unspun delve into blogging, pushing staff in Maverick into blogging and getting Maverick to be the the main organizer of Pesta Blogger. All beause, Unspun wanted to move his and Maverick’s  terasi before others would.

It is therefore high praise that Shel has taken notice of Pesta Bogger and how, together with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, we’ve managed to invite five foreign bloggers to Bali, Jogjakarta and Jakarta to join up with Pesta Blogger as “Indonesia 2.0”.

Unspun thinks that for all its faults the Ministry, together with bakaps Muhamed Nuh and Kusmayanto, deserve praise for having the courage to try something new that cuts through the clutch of bad news that the traditional media constantly reports about Indonesia.

For Shel’s comment read the entry from Budi Putra below:

clipped from
UPDATE (November 18): Shel Israel, co-author Robert Scoble’s Naked Conversation: How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers (Wiley, January 2006), called Indonesia’s Blogging Trip of Pesta Blogger 2008 as “Indonesia 2.0” via his Twitter update and pointed out to this post:

First China 2.0. Now Indonesia 2.0. I ahouls have just met up with them & kept going.

blog it

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