Screenshot’s Jeff Ooi does his bit for better Malaysia-Indonesia ties

Yang Berhormat Jeff the blogging parliamentarian of Malaysia has been traveling Indonesia since Monday, when he landed in Bali.

Unspun met him and the other foreign bloggers as well as the bali Blogger Community on Tuesday for dinner. The next morning and today he was in Jogja and he will be flying tomorrow to Jakarta, where he will join with Pesta Blogger on Saturday.

Jogja blogger Thomas Arie Setiawan aught up with Jeff and the other foreign blogger in Jogja today and captured their words in a podcast.

In the link below we hear jeff talking about his impressions about Indonesia, Malaysia, and his fascination with dangdut as he tries to increase understanding between the two neighboring countries. Way to go Jeff!

clipped from

Episode: Jeff Ooi: Blog and democracy

I was lucky to have an opportunity to meet Jeff Ooi and had a discussion with hime during his blogging trip to Jogjakarta. You can listen how Jeff Ooi feels about Indonesia, the culture, literature and also he mentions about dangdut music. Terima kasih Pak Jeff!

�Jeff Ooi – Thought about Indonesia [6:25m]: Hide Player | Download
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