Closing Dinner

It’s always great to have good conclusions and last Thursday us – the bankers, lawyers and the Maverick team of Shilla, Adwi and me – were treated to a sumptious closing dinner for the closing of the Makro sale by SHV to Korea’s Lotte Group.

Pak Kuswanto Gunaidi and Pak Gopi Agrawal from makro were gracious hosts and not only did they feed us well, they also gave us an excellent momento of the deal that is novel, Indonesian and unique – a minature Makro handcart laden with minature good that you’d get at Makro.


The gift is actually made by an outfit in Bandung called Crayon Minatures Indon Product and Unspun thinks that they would make great corporate gifts, instead of the usual cap, pen, notepad, name card holder, T-shirt, USB drive, cheap computer bag and other trivia that corporations give away so that you can quikly pass it on to your pembantu. These minatures are classy and make great coversation starters if placed in the room. The Crayon guys also make minuatures of waroengs and other lements that make up the tableu of Indonesian street life. All very well done and excellently detailed.  Excellent choice Pak Kus!

A detailed photo of the minature. Both photos are from Rene Adhibrata.

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  1. I believe, in Ong case, closing dinner doesn’t mean closing business, ya Ong?

    Btw: I just realized you grow your beard and mustache, your shaver is missing again?


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