Muslim Asanas?

You wonder what possess the minds of those who claim to be the champions of religion when their thinking is so bankrupt that they can only react to the doings of others rather than coming out with compelling mssages of their own

Am as the same mind as Rima here on both points highlighted below.

#1. Why would god or a prophet need defending? You would think that if you’re a God or a prophet you’ve gone beyond the pettiness of humans, beyond ridicule, beyond the affairs of this world. So why are the so-called champions of Islam so worked up over cartoons? Would it not be better to treat them, perhaps as the Buddha prescribd, as “unslkilled” people. Unskilled in expressing themselves so that it could hurt others. If you adopt this view, anger and its attendant servant forgiveness, is not even in the equation.

#2: What posses the minds of Malaysian religious-wallahs to focus their attention of Yoga? Yoga has been around way, way before Islam and if it corrupt, as they say, it would have corrupted the world by now.But the world moves on and idle minds make nasty work.

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1. Kill the Indonesian Mohammed Cartoonists (these people are so obsessed with killing this person and that person, saying that the actions are to DEFEND their God and religion. Reality check: God doesn’t need defending. Neither does a prophet, especially a dead one. It’s just stooooopid)

2. Copying Malaysia ruling that Yoga is haram because it has Hindu roots (all the while saying Malaysia are copycats or all things Indonesian, and the one time we copy them, it’s for something this stupid. Oh, the headache this is causing me)

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