Thai politics: Thaksin 2.0

What happens when the media gives you little slack? You beome a publisher yourself and use the new media to circumvent them, as Thaksin has done.
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Thaksin uses blog to demand rule of law

Thaksin: Used blog to slam protesters and officials

Thailand’s former premier Thaksin Shinawatra has intervened via a blog to warn that the country faces “a nightmare” unless it respects democracy and the rule of law.


In a wide-ranging and carefully timed intervention he said that public officials were failing in their duty of carry out the orders of the democratically elected government.

The decision to take to the internet to intervene in Thai politics reveals how Thaksin no longer believes the Thai media would accurately represent his point of view.

It also underlines the importance of messaging to core supporters during a period of extreme uncertainty in the high stakes Thai political crisis.

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