The Post gets it right with its website

Unspun‘s often been practiscing tough love about the Jakarta Post, so much so that he’s quoted in Reporting Indonesia, a book about the Jakarta Post that was recently published to commemorate its 25th anniversary.

One of the targets of Unspun‘s barbs is that the Post’s website, at least in the early days, did not allow readers to post comments and when it did it did not provide readers with an easy way of seeing whether there were comments, unless you clicked on the actual story itself.

Well, the second comment is still valid but the Post has allowed comments and readers are beginning to respond. The story below, for instance, has 12 comments. Other stories have a few comments here and there. Not fantastic for a national newspaper but getting there and getting a bit of a conversation going with its readers. So kudos to you guys.

Meanwhile, at the Other paper, Jakarta Globe, the website is still looking pathetic. Someone with a rudimentary knowledge of CSS could do a much better job than what’s on display there.

What’s going on? Unspun‘s information is that the designer is not delivering the goods. What Unspun can’t figure out is how this situation can be allowed to drag on for so long.

Indonesia the third most corrupt nation in ASEAN

The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Tue, 12/02/2008 5:58 PM | National

Indonesia is the third most corrupt nation among its Southeast Asian peers and was ranked seventh in the world in terms of misused state funds, a member of the country’s corruption watchdog (KPK) says.

The data showed Indonesia was just behind its neighbors the Philippines and Thailand, Wiryono Prakoso said in Denpasar on Tuesday at a seminar on corruption eradication.

“Corruption has made it difficult for the government to improve public welfare and decrease the number of people living in poverty,” Wiryono said.

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) had been focusing on working to improve public services, including health care, immigration and taxation, Wiryono added.

“We encourage the public to report any instances of corruption as we will protect witnesses and follow up on any reports they make,” he said, as quoted by Antara news agency. (ewd)

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via Indonesia the third most corrupt nation in ASEAN | The Jakarta Post.

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  1. I appreciate the wealth of blogs I am finding about Indonesia that are written in English. You do a good service writing about the newspapers. They need to know they are being rtead, being watched, and being criticized as they have a responsibility to the public.

    I hope in time I will be able to read competently in Bahasa Indonesia. In the meantime, I remain grateful for these sources in English. Terima kasih.


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