Twitter as a crisis and issues management tool?

It is getting increasingly obvious that New Media such as Twitter, Plurk, Blogs and Facebook can be useful tools in issues and crisis management. Why any corporation isn’t dabbling or at least getting some working knowledge of these new ways to communicate is beyond Unspun.

Below is an example of how Pepsi, confronted recently by a potential crisis-like situation, used Twitter to diffuse the issue and gain control of the situation.

Pepsi & Twitter as early-warning device

by Mathew on December 8, 2008 · Comments

Over the past year, Twitter has become a wildly-popular social network, allowing people to stay in touch not just with their friends but also with celebrities like MC Hammer and Shaquille O’Neal, who use the service to talk directly to their fans. For many companies, meanwhile, Twitter has effectively become a real-time market-survey tool. Comcast and Zappos, for example, have used it to track reactions to their products and have been able to respond to their customers much faster than they could in the past. Some companies, however, have found themselves at the center of a Twitter-storm — including Johnson & Johnson, which faced criticism from mothers both on the service and in the blogosphere at large, after an advertising campaign for the painkiller Motrin made what were seen (by some) as disparaging comments about moms who carry their kids in slings.

via Pepsi & Twitter as early-warning device —

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