Advice wanted – what’s a good ISP in Jakarta?

Frustrated by the slowness and the bad customer service provided by Uninet to our office, Unspun has begun looking around for alternative Internet Service Providers. Guess what? It does not seem to be easy trying to pin down which one is good.

On recommendation Unspun today talked to the sales people from Lintasartha to find out if they had a product worth considering. The meeting was a disaster. Of the two sales girls one had bad haircut and was contented to sit there with glazed eyes doing a good imitation of the The Sphinx. The other was more experienced but for the life of Unspun, he could not get a straight answer to the simple question: why should I trust your product over others’?

After flubbering about the most she could come up with was that tey had been around for 20 years. Unspun then asked about the price and she could give us the list price of the product but said she can give a discount only if we could “justify” it by providing her documentation of how much the present provider was selling their services to us. That didn’t sound right – why should we do her market reseach for them, Unspun asked. She couldn’t answer. We parted ways. Does Lintasartha have a reliable, good service? Maybe but Unspun sure wasn’t going to trust a company that can’t get their sales pitch right.

So back to the same ol question: where can one get a reliable and good ISP? Tried First Media back when it used to be called Kabelvision. It was a disaster because the line would go down every now and then. And to make matters worse you can never get their customer service online. This has happened to so many people that Unspun woudl rather resort to bongo drums than subscribe to First Media or any Riady-run company again.

Unspun also tried speaking to NetZap recently. The sent over a sales person who wasn’t too bad. He could say why they were better and quite convincingly too. So Unspun was interested and said that if they could provide customer references then they’d get the contract. Saleman says no problems, he’d send over soem customer referees once he got back. Since then he’s disappeared and repeated calls to NetZap hasn’t yielded a talking human being capable of addressing our service inquiries.

So back to the question: where can you get a good ISP provider in indonesia? If anyone knows of  good, relaible one that charges reasonable rates please post here and let Unspun know.

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  1. I agree with catshade.

    Basicly, they are all the same, pak. *sigh* At least I can mention two ISPs; CBN and Fastnet. I (and also my office) have never used CBN, but Fastnet. We have been so satisfied so far.


  2. Lintas Artha does the whole SCBD area and so far they are fine. I think what you should do is to demand the sales team to show up with the technical team so both teams can answer whatever questions you have. Another way is to always ask the big boss to show up, because, most of the time, sadly, they are the only one who know everything and can give you straight answers.


  3. Buy bulk/dedicated/ 1:1 lines, from any isp, they are actually cost quite the same.

    invest on 5 ghz devices/any exotique freq devices, pay the frequency usage.

    in total it will “only” cost you around 11.5juta /month for a 1mbps line. 🙂


    1. i would be very interested in learning which provider you get your dedicated line from, and how much this costs, and what is the reliability of this,


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  5. Too true about First Media. We subscribed in 2007 when its ‘broadband’ service was launched at $150 a month. We logged 300 failures and outages within a few months. It would take five minutes to load Google. They were very quick to take the money, but customer service literally didn’t exist. We had to find out who the senior management were and sent them messages and mails (from a back-up ISP we were forced to use, at extra expense) and after a year of nagging they finally sent their sales man, a Dicky Mochtar, around. He agreed there was a problem but blamed us for it -funny how all four of our computers and our two smart-phones had an identical problem, and that was their blinking modem that wasnt emitting a signal! So when we complained again, Mochtar sent the police around to claim ‘hurt feelings’…a week after that, the cops asked us ask for a bribe….despite Mochtar’s ‘hurt feelings,’ another FM director Marshall Cooper admitted they’d launched the service far too early and wasn’t ready. And when I asked Mr Riady why one of his executives was harrassing us through a police complaint, when all we had done is raise a legitimate complaint about the quality of the service, he launched into a long diatribe about an unrelated article my wife had written about him…luckily I recorded it. Nice people…


  6. my family were looking for some reliable internet providing in east jakarta. the only one that existed is First Media. hence, they started to treat us like shit. first, although we had made a deal with the marketing, three different marketing service can still call us in one same day looking for customer.their customer hunting though is contradictory to the technician service, who never showed up. when we called continuously, he said he was on the way (really near to our place), but after four hours of waiting they never arrive nor answer the phone again.
    We called marketing again and they claimed that the technician had already complained about us saying that we never answered their phone call. such liars.
    we asked for the supervisor, but the customer service said that they were all busy. bravo fastnet!


  7. same here bro.. tried to find good ISP since jetcoms cheat on our bandwidth, and often goes down. if you’ve found any please let me know


  8. I have first media at home, basically i am paying for 3MBps and i am getting no more than 0.12mega bits ps, so this just goes to say what cheats they are,

    i called them repeated times, they send over a team to check who then ‘refresh’ the connection and also ‘check’ the modem, and then they claim all is fine,

    1 hour after they leave it is back to the same slow speeds again,

    i am also looking for a reliable internet service provider who will give me the speeds i am paying for —

    as per the first media contract — they will not guarantee any sped, you can pay for 3MBps — they will only give you a speed ‘up to’ your desired and paid for connection,

    they are basically a bunch of cheats, and someone needs to do something about this, it is just extremely frustrating to deal with them or to keep working with them as well,

    i would love to know if anyone has any success with any provider in the setia budi or the menteng or the kuningan areas,


  9. I got the same 3Mbps service. I had the same slow speed connection average 100kbps also. But more than that Bit torrent download often being limited of the speed, or a total blockage from download. They will deny it, or at most they will only admit that it may be one of their upstream provider that may have blocked the Bit torrent download. But how will we ever know the fact? Shouldn’t First media as our ISP work on our behalf to take the responsibility to make the right choice of which quality upstream provider to use?

    I mean the reason for these endless slow speed and bad connection is because of local network problems; plus oversea upstream provider questionable quality problem; plus their internal philosophy of customer usage moderation policy,

    Now, come on man, if you cannot control the quality standard of your local network, don’t you need to study why these local network constantly break down? If the oversea upstream provider is not able to deliver a quality speed or reliable connection that does not constantly cut-off or swing speed, isn’t it time to change another upstream provider? Having the two questionable problem which we already do not know when it will come, or worse both comes at the same time; do you really need this customer usage calculation to degrade the speed even further?

    Having to provide service to most subscriber who are not so active most of the time, doesn’t that means that First media profit extra from the many extra hours these subscription is inactive? Having also the speed degrade to less than 10% of the promised speed, can we imagine how much First media actually make? Even after paying for ISP licensing and bandwidth fees, i believe there is more than enough to cover to increase the quality to a certain standard… But did they even bother to improve?

    I subscribe to Firstmedia for one and a half year. After much complains and no action from them. Their operation director Victor Indajang issued an informal email to terminated my service, reason given was that they decided for me that I am never going to be satisfied with their service, and i used harsh words on them. Hence they will terminate the service WITHOUT even my consent.

    I mean come on, First media have way way under deliver what they have promised, 100kbps only over a 3Mbps service; constant long hours of disconnection; constant swing speed and intermittent; consistent websites blockage through their low class firewall, bit torrent blockage, etc…All this devastating problems, and they will not even allow customer to voice out their frustration? After so many many months of complain, i have never been late on my payment, doesn’t it credit me as a genuine customer?

    However, First media have lack the integrity to show even the least regret that they are at fault. This is an utter arrogance.

    Termination without customer’s consent is a violation of Indonesia Consumer Protection Law and the spirit of the law, which is to uphold consumer from unfair treatment.

    I do urge more people to voice out against these unfair treatment if you felt victimized. It is about time we as silent majority start to speak up. I am very sure YLKI, BPKN, BPSK will be interested to hear from us.


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