SBY to launch Viva News next Wednesday

President SBY will launch Indonesia’s news portal Viva News next Wednesday.

The news portal is  Bakrie concern with son Anindya as the Direktur Utama of Viva, presumably the holding company of Viva news. It also seems to be big on family ties, Rizal Mallarangeng, brother of Andi, the spokesperson for SBY, is also the Direktur Utama of Vivanews.



On Tuesday this week they had a discussion session on Media Convergence at Harum Manis. Invited were the Brahmins of Indonesia’s budding online community. Unspun, ever the impostor, managed to wrangle an invite and marveled at how generous the guys at Viva were, especially to their main competitor.

At a loss because Information Minister Muhamad Nuh could not make it as a panel speaker during the discussion, they invited Budiyono Darsono, the CEO of Detik to share some thoughts. Budi is an excellent and very funny speaker and had the whole floor laughing and applauding him. So it was a very strange promotion event for Viva news indeed, where you allow your main rival to steal the show. Maust be the techniques of Marketing 2.0 that Unspun is not familar with.

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