Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

This is likely to be Unspun‘s last posting for this year as tomorrow he and family head for Vietnam for Christmas and Malaysia for the New Year. It’s been an incredible year for us so far with lots of crisis and issues management cases, especially in litigation support.

Then there was Pesta Blogger 2008 as well that doubled the attendance and tried new ideas such as inviting foreign bloggers, introducing the concept of a bloggership, a photo contest for wannabe and existing bloggers as well as the Blogging for Society award. There was also the surprising and serendipitious ntry of the US Embassy as a major sponsor for the event. Unheard and untried, it was nevertheless a success.

The world is in economic turmoil but judging by the activity as we tried to close the year we think that 2009 will be an extremely busy year for PR in Indonesia.We also think that 2009 will be the year where some of the new Media Stuff, much touted and even more misunderstood, will show some interesting developments.

Unspun‘d like to close his blogging year by thanking everyone who’ve visited this blog, especially the ones who left the passionate comments than liven any blog. You guys, even the ones who argue and oppose viscerally with Unspun, have been a fun crowd. Here’s wishing you Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and great memorable holidays 😉

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  1. Iyaa Pak Ong.. saya jua ucapkan Slamet Natalan and Happy New Year.

    I have to do my taxes Pak. Hopefully there’ll be an opportunity to catch up with you in JKT soon, ya Pak?


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