Gratification and corruption: same difference?

Have a few minutes before dinner and the hotel has free Wifi so…

It appears that Mediacare’s Radityo has been as busy as Santa’s elves before Christmas.

Today he posted in his Mediacare blog a long, rambling treatise on the legal subtleties between gratification and corruption.

The purpose of this Yuletide fare?

Well, Billy’s lawyers have been ingenously trying to argue that Billy only gratified the KPPU’s Mohd. Iqbal, not bribed him. They and Radityo believe that if they can lead peiople to believe that all Billy did was gratify, then he would be acquitted of all charges of corruption and bribery.

Radityo, no surprise, is tryinbg to do the same on the Net.

All of this seems a bit lame when Billy was caught with the smoking gun, and on video no less.

Ah well, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Radityo mentioned Unspun in his mailist so he’s aware of these postings. Unspun’s still waiting for him to rebt the previous posting.

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